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Create numerous hair styles

Many people in this world are not happy with the way their hair has turned out to be. If it’s curly, you want it straight and vice versa. If it’s wavy you want it silky, if it’s rough you want it smooth. You would prefer to go for a change in the way you hair looks. So you go for a haircut, people say that after a haircut it’ll take a few weeks for your hair to settle into its new look. But your new look never seems to appear. So, you’re thinking of going completely out of the box and getting either extensions or a wig. Well, if you really have to decide, going for the brazilian hair weave is the best decision you can make. It is best if you do your own research but this article aims to shed light on the positive features of the brazilian styled exotic wig.

The Perfectly Natural Look
Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “0mg! That wig is sooo obvious”, or mused something to the likes of “Those hair extensions could not be extended further”? Well, with a brazilian virgin hair weave these are things you do not have to worry about. It is the most exotic type of hair wig that is available on the market, but retains its natural look. Having being made from real hair, this type of wig is carefully woven together by the professionals in this field and has a result of being smooth and silky in the hand. It gives off the natural and organic look, that will not only make you love your hair but will also retain its natural and ordinary character.

hair weave

You can choose your Look
The best part about brazilian styled hair is that you have many looks to choose from. So, depending on your face structure whether round, square or oval, you have the choice to choose the hair that best suits your face. There is the smooth and curly style that gives you the exotic look. With a brazilian virgin closure, you can also opt for wavy hair which will give you the perfect blend of the exotic and traditional look. If you want just the traditional look, you have the option to go for the completely straight hair. Whatever it is, brazilian styled hair has got it for you.

brazilian hair extensions

The Ease of Care
Unlike other wigs or hair extensions, you do not have to go through any elaborate process with the Brazilian Hair weave. One can take care of their brazilian hair weave the same way they would treat their original hair. After all, it is natural hair, so treat it the same!

Hair Extensions have become a latest fashion trend these days and is used by women from all groups. Women from different societies are equally interested in this particular area that enables them to flaunt a unique hairstyle. It has been quite a rage among the female group and can be widely found in various countries and places. Hairs that are collected from different sources are used in a way to create weaves. These extensions can be easily attached with the existing hair to create a distinct designed hair style. One of the trendy hair extensions that are largely preferred is brazilian hair. Brazilian represents the people living in the country of Peru in South America. The point behind using brazilian hair extensions are they are very deep in color and quite thick. The texture of the hairs is very shiny and reflects an exotic gracefulness. They also do not get easily tangled or interlocked so that they can create a problem for the user. Hairs of this origin are also considered to be highly qualitative and are heavily used in creating various kinds of extensions such as wefts, wigs and ponytails.

One another reason behind women especially going for brazilian weave is that they are easily available in different forms and colors. They can be curly, body straight or wavy in form and the color can be chosen from brown to light black. Such variations allow women a different degree of freedom in using this particular item of fashion. They become so much compatible with the existing follicles that judging the wig and the original hair would be impossible for any viewer. This facility lets a women decide easily on the extension and it becomes feasible for them to carry it too.

Flaunting trendy hair styles with the use of brazilian weave has been quite of a view nowadays. Women who like to use hair extensions generally use this particular source for giving themselves a unique and bold look Ithough there are various others weave types that are sourced from different countries such as India, Russia, Brazil, etc. One important point that should be kept in mind while using extensions is that the weave should blend well with the existing hairs. That is done so that your hairs can easily conform to the attached fake hair and resemble a distinct texture and feel.

With a brazilian hair, you can create numerous hair styles and show it off with the utmost graciousness. Long hairs are always given the most attention when compared to short hairs. Women who are not able to grow or maintain long hairs can take the help of this artificial item to attain the degree of beauty they deserve. One more thing that should be kept in mind while using these extensions is that a continuous use can cause thinning of hair. But there is no need to worry because with the use of proper medication, you can prevent you hair follicles in losing their quality. After that, you can use these extensions without giving any second thought.

Wardrobe Makeover: How to Accessorize a Black Lace Dress

Do you own a black lace dress? The black lace dress is a supremely chic piece of clothing that will take you practically anywhere. Every lady should own a simple but elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This dress never goes out of style, and it will be your most treasured clothing for years to come. Many women and fashion observers always have this kind of dress to complete their wardrobe.

This kind of dress is usually worn when attending weddings, cocktail parties or evening out with the girls or a date. I’m going to show you how you can easily accessorize your black lace dress to give you a professional look during the day and a casual look in the evening.

How to accessorize a black lace dress: accessorize a black lace dress

  • Sleeveless Top
    If your black lace dress is sleeveless, you can tone it down with a trendy denim blazer, a cardigan or jacket for a professional look. This you can take off in the evening for a free and casual look.
  • Invest in Earrings, Bracelets and Neck Chains
    It’s unprofessional to go exposing your cleavage at work, so if the dress has a low neckline invest in a good necklace/chain that will divert attention from your boobs. A beautiful scarf/wrap too can be worn over your neck to obscure your chest. A trendy watch or bracelet too can be great accessory.
  • Shoes
    Black and red colors look sexy on most women. Wear a black lace dress with black or red heels for that sexy look. If you are uncomfortable with heels you can go for strappy sandals or wedged shoes.
  • Belt
    An ordinary belt on a simple black dress makes you look pretty and professional. A red belt always fits great on a black dress.
  • Wear with Tights
    In case you feel nude or like you are exposing too much you can always wear opaque tights or stocking inside. This will cover up your legs while adding beauty to your outfit.

How to Buy a Lace Dress
Buying a black lace dress for the right occasion can be quite tricky. To choose your ideal black lace dress put the following into consideration:Lace Dress

  • Body type
    First, you have to identify your body type; are you petite, a plus size, or maybe pregnant? Understanding your body size is crucial as it will help you go for a design that will flatter your body and show off your great body features.
  • Length
    Identify what length you are comfortable wearing. If it’s an office organized cocktail party, it’s advisable to go for a knee-length or a dress slightly above the knee to avoid looking under-dressed especially in front of your bosses. If it’s any other kind of cocktail party or date, you can go for any length that you feel at comfortable with.

black dress style full_size

  • Designs
    The dress doesn’t have to be boring. You can choose from various designs such as sleeveless, laced bodice, one shoulder, beaded bodice among others.
  • Texture
    The dresses come in different textures as from cotton, polyester, woolen, etc. My best bet would be, to go for the chiffon or satin materials as they are comfortable to wear and are versatile.
  • Accessories
    Go for a dress that you can easily accessorize.
    With that in mind you can check online stores that sell dresses to buy your ideal black lace dress. Buy a dress that can accessorized easily to give a professional look at work and a more casual and relaxed feel in the evening.

Haircuts depend even on the kind of dress women carry

Looking attractive and beautiful is something every woman wishes and what makes it really possible is a good hair style. There are several different styles of popular haircuts that never run out of fashion. Whether it is short hair or long, there are various styles to suit a personality and facial features of a person. There are styles both for men and women but since women carry longer hairs than men, they tend to give more importance to their hairs. And unlike men, women like to keep changing the hair styles to match the occasion and even the season. Hair styles vary even based on the kind of dress women wear and the shape of the face they have. Not every haircut suits everyone and hence it is very important to analyse the kind of style that suits you. If you are not sure then it is best to consult a hair stylist or a beauty salon expert. There are many popular haircuts in short and long hair categories and following are some of them to name:
High Profile Haircut
High Profile: This short haircut produces curves exposing the nape area and has more weight at the occipital bone giving a bold look on women. This is mostly suitable for women with oval and long shape and ideal for working professionals and business women. This style even boasts the bold look and hence can be very attractive and goes easily with black and short dresses.

Long Pixie haircut with black dressLong Pixie: This is another short hairstyle with long side swept fringes that suitable for younger ladies who love to look funky and rocking. This again makes a woman look bold and full of energy, however, keeping the feminine look intact. This style can be worn by women with long heart shaped face with broad forehead. Ideal for parties, sporting and other social events, this haircut is sure to catch attention among the crowd If you love to keep your hairs open then you can go for volumed wavy hair cut that can create a lovely bounce when you walk and that is something which can easily be attractive. This cut involves leaving more volume on the sides and leave the waves in front of the shoulders and is very popular among celebrities. This style makes a woman look very gorgeous and is mostly ideal for fair skinned woman but does not look odd for brown skin women. This haircut suits woman of all ages and facial shapes, so it can be easily tried by anyone. One of the popular hair styles for long hairs is the loose curls which is suitable for every occasion or an event. These curls can be given to short, medium and long hairs but best suited for women with long hairs. Even this style of hair cut gives volume and bounce to your hairs making it stylishly jump and wave when you walk.

Most celebrities love to carry this hair style and you get to see this style very often in movies and tv shows. Women keep changing their haircuts from time to time in order to create a new look that not only makes them look beautiful but boosts certain level of confidence in them. A change in hair style can be easily noticeable as compared to dressing style or any other makeover and hence women give highest preference to their hairs than anything else. So you cannot actually blame a woman for visiting a beauty salon more frequently than men. Moreover, since women have longer and more hairs than men, they need to take care of them regularly by going for hair cuts to get rid of split ends and other problems which are rare in men.

Haircuts depend even on the kind of dress women carry. Like men, women cannot go with same hair style for every occasion and on every dress. They need to keep changing the style in order to stand out in the crowd and every woman wants be a center of attraction and only the right hair cut can help you accomplish that Hair stylists keep inventing new hair cuts to match the requirement of modern day women and it is good to keep changing your style to keep your confidence levels up.

Wearing high heels and wear them safely

High heels have been a popular style of shoe for many, many years. A type of shoe which features a platform raising the heel of the foot, these shoes have been around since the times of the Ancient Egyptians who loved high heels for two reasons: they could raise those of high social class above everyone else, and they could enable Egyptian butchers to walk over the various animal carcasses involved in their work. Clearly, high heels have come a long way since then. Read on to learn more about this iconic style of footwear.

High Heels Origin

Although these shoes were associated with a high social class in Ancient Egypt, they had very different connotations within the Roman Empire. Shoes with high heels would be worn by prostitutes and their clients as a way of alerting each other to their presence. However, these shoes were a far cry from the design we know and love today. Known as kothorni, the high heels worn in Ancient Rome were actually sandals with large platforms attached to both the heel and the toe, elevating the wearer above their contemporaries. The official invention of high heels is often claimed to have occurred in the 1500s, for the fiancée of the Duke of Orleans, Catherine de Medici. Catherine de Medici was barely five feet tall, which caused her some anxiety about whether her future husband would find her attractive – especially since his favourite mistress had a tall lender frame. To accommodate for this, and as a way of winning the attention of the French public, she began wearing two-inch high heels. Not only did these help hide how short she was, these shoes also gave her a seductive sway when she walked, which helped keep the Duke’s eye on her. Thanks to Catherine de Medici, the high heels became hugely popular among European aristocracy and, once again, a preferred footwear choice for both men and women.

The most famous historic wearer of high heels is probably King Louis XIV of France, also known as “the Sun King.” He would often wear very ornate high heels decorated with battle scenes. King Louis would wear heels that were often around five inches tall, and decreed that only the nobility could wear red high heels. During this time frame, high heels became strongly associated with seduction and became popular body sculpting pieces, similar to the corset. It wasn’t to last, however: Napoleon Bonaparte banned high heels due to their association with the wealthy bourgeoisie, and perhaps the final nail in the coffin for this style was Marie Antoinette wearing two-inch heels to the scaffold where she was beheaded.

It wasn’t until the 1860s, about 70 years later, that high heels began to become popular again and since then, aside from a few stumbles along the way, high heels have strutted their way into higher and higher levels of popularity among the masses. Today, there are many different styles of high heel and they are almost exclusively worn by women.

Styles of High Heels

Styles of High HeelsThere are many, many different styles of high heels popular today, but perhaps the most iconic is the stiletto. This style is defined by a long and narrow heel, with some reaching as high as 12 inches. A popular adaptation of this style, which has the benefit of being a little more practical while still maintaining the professionalism associated with the stiletto, is the kitten heel. This style tends to only be around 2 inches tall. A more casual style of high heels, mostly worn in the summer, is the sandal wedge. This style has sandal-like features across the body of the foot while the heel is formed of a wedge that has no distinction from the rest of the sole of the shoe, and is often made from a cork material. Finally, the style made popular by King Louis has made a return in more recent times. Louis Heels are relatively low high heels with a wide heel that has a curved shape to it, and they often feature lacing or a buckle on the top. However, these shoes have gone from being a symbol of the aristocracy to being worn in more casual settings in modern times.

Health Issues with High Heels

Although high heels have proved to be an iconic style of footwear and have maintained their popularity for centuries, they do come with a few health issues. One in three women report having fallen while wearing high heels, and up to a third of women who regularly wear high heels for long periods of time suffer serious health defects as a result. Wearing high heels forces the toes into an unnatural position which can result in ingrown toenails or damaged tendons. Another issue with the toes is the narrow shape of the toe that is popular in many high-heeled styles. This can lead to the growth of bunions. Wearing high heels also causes bad posture, since the angle of the foot forces the spine to bend forwards. Doctors advise avoiding these problems by sticking to heels with a height of 1.5 inches or less, wearing heels a maximum of every other day, and trying to make sure that when you do wear heels you do so on days when you don’t have to do very much standing or walking.

As you can see, high heels have gone through many different phases throughout history, both in terms of their style and in terms of their associations. Today, high heels are a fashionable shoe choice for women all over the world and tend to have an association with professionalism and power. If you follow the doctors’ advice about wearing high heels and wear them safely, you can walk around with your head held high knowing that you have become a part of history.

Style Your Black Dress with High Heels

Black dress is an essential piece that must be in every woman’s wardrobe. I don’t want to imagine how the world would be without little black dress. It is the only clothing that can save you in a casual day, in a meeting, in a fancy party, formal cocktail, in your best friend’s wedding, or in your very first date with love of your life. The secret is to know which style to wear and how to match it with high heels. There are tens of different black dress with different fitting, length, volume and style. There are also tens of different versions of high heels according to its strap, heel length, and shape as well. Whether your black dress is little or maxi, slim or loose fit, there is different kind of shoes that you can match with it and have totally a different look. So here I am to guide you what to wear!

Personally I’m a huge fan of black color, high heels and dresses as well. So I will give you some tips about how I style my black dress with high heels:
Little Black DressLittle Black Dress are a follows.
There are even books about this magical little black dress. Let’s be thankful to Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy of course for serving us by giving it. So, I can match my little black dress with different kinds of high heels. If I’m attending to a party, especially in summer I would definitely wear a black corset heels. If it’s a bit more formal event, such as a cocktail maybe or a business dinner, I can also match my dress with nude pumps as well. Since all kind of black dresses are timeless pieces, I can continue wearing it in winter too (which I’m doing all the time!) In that case, styling it with black hosiery and black ankle booties will look so elegant.

Maxi Black DressMaxi Black Dress
Maxi dresses are perfect for summer and so easy to match with high heels. If I were wearing a loose fit maxi dress, I would definitely go for wedge sandals to be in a mood of comfort but at the same time stylish from head to toe.

Another favorite look I adore is styling it with sling back heels ! They are so comfortable and so stylish Sometimes I prefer black (you see I’m really a black fan!) but depending on the color of my clutch, I can choose silver too.

                                         A Line Black Dress
A Line Black DressIf you are not that skinny, sometimes slim fit mini dresses won’t look that good on you or you won’t feel pretty and comfortable in it. So here is the solution for you: just go for A-line black dress! Personally, I have a pear shaped body so I always prefer A line dresses that shows my tiny upper body and cover my lower too. If the dress’ length is a bit under knee , I love wearing it with kitten heels.

If you have slim ankles you can also match your dress with ankle strap heels so far and you can also look beutiful amost any other.

Dress to improtant occasion

Introduction:Before the advent of the 19th century, women wore their black dresses majorly during a period of mourning. The black dresses were very common during those times as a result of war fatalities occasioned by the World War l. Since the husbands to these young women fought in the World Wars, bereaved women would be seen wearing black dresses to mourn their departed husbands. However, the black dress as a fashion concept was promoted in the 1920s by the renowned fashion designers namely; Jean Patou and Coco Chanel. These two fashion gurus saw the fluidity of the black dress and promoted it as a flexible, non-time bound kind of dressing that can accentuate a woman’s feminine looks and sophistication.

black dress

When to wear that black dress
The black dress can be used differently by different women. Below is a summary of the purpose.
How to wear the black dress to the outdoors when the weather is right: you can have your dress with a flowing neckline exposing your cleavage a little bit. Exposing a little bit of skin will not hurt noting that it is probably hot outside. How to wear your black dress when it is cold and the weather looks bad: your dress should be more non-revealing just showing the right amount of skin. You should also wear a black leather jacket to complete the look.
Party time: when going out to party, you should wear your dress comfortable and adventurous. The dress should be short enough exposing the thighs in the right amount. That is extremely sexy, this look should be left to the single ladies who are open and would like to experiment with bold fashion ideas and are probably searching a partner. This is because black is sexy and when you pull it off the right way, your prayer for a partner will be answered almost instantly.
Visiting the in-laws: your in-laws are probably very uptight and, are fairly conservative who do not like the idea of exposing acres and acres of thigh skin. In such a situation, you should show up at their home in graciously free flowing black dress but the cleavage area should be left open. This is a sign of confidence and self-assurance.
Attending a wedding: weddings are easy! Forget about the outdated misconceptions associated with the black colour at weddings, the black dress is the new cool. Do not fret when your friend is wedding and you get the invitation to attend their wedding; just pull out your black dress from the closet. You should wear it short and then accessorize your look with a necklace. You will look attractive and coordinated.
The different styles to fit the black dresses

You can pull off different styles with your black dress depending on the event you are attending. A few examples are as below:
Business meeting: business meetings do not require any to be a flirt. In such a situation you should wear your black dress with jacket on top. This will enable you to project that formal look yet still appear very classy. You can also accessorise your look with.
Hunting down the gentlemen: when out on a date, your black dress should be worn just an inch above your knee. You should make sure it is a tight fitting dress accentuating your bewitching figure and flirts curves. You should feel and look sexy in that dress without a lot effort. It is advisable not to accessories your look, let it just stay simple yet pleasing to the eye.

Why every woman needs the black dress:

The black dress is that kind of dress that a woman will wear to attend a cocktail party or have that special evening out with her friends. A black dress can be used to pull off any kind of look in the shortest time and still manage to keep the shine on.

A womanas wardrobe is deemed as not whole if a couple of black dresses are not neatly lined in the wardrobe. Any woman who is fashion conscious will definitely own that one special black dress. This is because the black dress cuts across all shapes and sizes. Better still, you can wear that black dress for any occasion or event that comes about.

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